Red ruby grapefruits are believed to come from Jamaica as a natural cross-fertilization between a pomelo and a sweet bitter orange.

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RED RUBY GRAPEFRUIT varies in skin coloring from yellow to a sun blush pink.

DID YOU KNOW?    The first tree was planted by a Frenchman in 18233

Red ruby grapefruit pulp can be pink or yellow or even red.  Jucier than the pomelo and varies from a mild and sweet to sour flavor. A perfumed aroma exudes from citrus’ skin.

STORE:  7 days at room temperature or up to 8 weeks in refrigerator.  Note that this this fruit does not ripen after picking.

USES:  Marinades, glazes, sorbet, salads

NUTRITION:  Vitamins A, C and lycopene

SEASONINGS: honey, mint, rosemary, Vermouth and thyme



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