A sweet-tart apple with sun-blushed colored skin blended with shades of  green to marigold with a hint of crimson red. So crisp and juicy, yet firm and crunchy texture.  Try with our Medjool Dates and feel your taste buds dance!

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Product Description

Sweet-tart apple, great for baking!

When stored properly, most varieties will last 5 to 6 months and some even longer if you keep them covered with plastic.  Keep away from sensitive fruits and vegetables as apples release a Gas that will increase the ripening process.

Appetizers and salads:

Sliced apples with feta cheese sprinkled with chives and served on Romaine.

Sliced apples, raisins, almonds, cooked chicken and tarragon vinegar.

Breakfast:  grate or cut into chunks to add to pancake batter, crepe batter, omelets, hot cereals or saute with spicy sausage.

Desserts:  combined with mandarin orange segments, strawberries, ground cardamom, lime juice and a drop of rose-water.

Sliced with pitted cherries, chopped dried apricots and vanilla yogurt.  Add to muffins and quick breads.

Cook, Prep n' Store

Store in plastic bag in refrigerator -up to 6 weeks
Use: salad, baking, garnish, stuffing

Combine with: Cheese’s ham onions hair pork pecans nuts and winter squash

Seasoning: cinnamon clove honey nutmeg Rosemary caramel next paragraph next paragraph Browning to reduce Browning mix 1:3
1 part of lemon juice to 3 parts water


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