Garden of Eden is different from a traditional, one-farm CSA. We are a co-op of more than 30 small farms, which for our members means variety.
This is one of the most important distinctions of our program. The owners, Paul and Jennifer Trejo, are always looking for something new to keep the program fresh and exciting. 

Our farmers care about growing the most nutritious and finest organic quality from seed to harvest bringing you the freshest and best tasting produce from farm to family.

We grow based on environment availability of natural resources.  Often changing and adapting our plans due to unexpected environmental conditions. We take into account the water availability, air pollution, potential loss due insect or rodent damage, seasonal harvest, seed quality and the number of members we have each season.

We hand select our farms to meet our high quality standards for our farming community which means greater variety for you with the most nutrient-rich
produce possible.