DISCOVER and EXPLORE – how we transform lives everyday. We welcome you, your family and friends to come explore and experience a day of Farm FUN!

Our focus is teaching and educating children of all ages. We TEACH the importance of healthy eating and how to choose the right foods for healthy living. We SHOW them how to plant, grow, harvest and cook with hands-on, interactive classes, farm days, tours and special events.  Kids love it, smiling ear to ear, giving hugs to thank us and that is why we LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Beyond our farm, we offer CSA Memberships, children’s activities to compliment in school learning, Girl Scouts Farm Days/Tours to earn badges, support Corporate Wellness Programs with a Worksite CSA program to promote healthy eating.

Have an idea?  Call us and let’s bring your vision to life! Interested in hosting your next event, class or workshop at our farm?

Email us or call (760) 994-5861.

From our farm to your family, we are supporting each other, both in health and life.

We love sharing fun and simple ways to eat healthy food that tastes incredible. Let us show you HOW FUN healthy eating REALLY IS!


I must rave about GOE! I met Jennifer at the farm stand in Escondido by chance. She told me about the pick ups for the produce boxes around town. I live in Mission Hills and lo and behold, there was a pick up 3 minutes from me! The first thing I noticed was the incredible freshness of the produce, and the realistic sizes – smaller apples (obviously how they were supposed to be!) and huge lettuce heads! The variety in the box, simply amazing! Ok, so visually, worth it. THEN I got home and tasted. Wow. I honestly never knew an apple could taste like that….can’t even describe it. And the greens, even the organic stuff from TJ or Sprouts doesn’t come close to something picked the same day……….from the taste, to the variety to the people involved in Garden of Eden, it’s an incredible experience. Every other produce box story I have heard pales in comparison…….THANKS GOE!!!

Mellisa Collins